“Ha, Ha, Ha. Plop!” speech / unpitched percussion piece




  1. I would love to do this with my Grade 2! What is the best way to start practicing this; what is the best way to build it up with the students? I’ve never done a speech piece like this before, so I don’t know exactly how to go about it. Maybe you have some advice for me?

    1. Hi Marina
      Start with having the class speak the first part in rhythm with you. Once they are secure on their own, speak and do the body percussion, then only body percussion while thinking the words (say/ say & play /play). Then move to unpitched percussion like rhythm sticks. Next, teach part two, same process as part one. Once the class can do both parts separately, I have them do one part while I do the other and then divide the class in half and have them do both (be prepared to join in if one part is getting lost in the mix, or falling apart). Then add instruments- sticks on part 1, drums on 2 maybe? Part three and four are tough if your kids haven’t done alot of this kind of complementary rhythm stuff. I change part three to quarter notes and leave out part 4 when I travel to schools that haven’t had to put up with me since kindergarten :-). Also, I would probably spread this out over three class periods, 10-15 minutes each, if the kids are new to this, reviewing at the beginning.
      Have fun- Tom

      1. Ok, thank you! My students love it!!!

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