‘I’ve Got a Drum’ Canon for Hand Drums

Ive Got a Drum



  1. Christine · · Reply

    Thanks for posting your compositions. My after school Orff ensemble enjoyed I’ve Got a Drum. We used it as a warmup for our rehearsals.

    1. Thanks Christine. Glad to hear that your kids are having fun with it! -Tom

  2. Kacy Midkiff · · Reply

    Thanks for sharing all of your orff arrangements! I love the speech pieces, too!

  3. Good morning Tom
    I admire what you do and it is my heart’s desire to start an Orff Ensemble at my school but I do not know where to start. How many of which instruments to purchase. My school is supporting me and will provide the finances but I feel rather clueless. Any tips/hints/help? Many thanks…Hannelie Peck

    1. Oops, never pressed the “reply” button. If you are still looking eight months later… start with the same number of soprano and alto xylophones and 2/3 the number of bass xylophones- 3 sx, 3 ax, and 2 bx, for example. If you can, get C, F, and G contrabass bars too, and then add A, D and E when the money rolls in 🙂 I like the Studio 49 instruments- most of mine are the 2000 line, but the more affordable 1000 still sound really good and are very durable. However you do it, instruments for 8 kids will cost $2,000 to $4,000 😦 Jon Madin has a great book on making your own instruments for much less.

  4. Sarah M Jones · · Reply

    Thank you SO MUCH for this!! I had been googling forever to find some speech pieces I liked, and found your blog! Between this and Beth’s Notes, I has so many resources. Thank you again!

    1. You bet Sarah, have fun with it! -Tom

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